How can you grow a business organically as a decorator?

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If you’re in the business of decorating, you know that it takes more than just a keen eye for design to succeed. It’s all about growing your business and building a reputation that stands out in the industry. So, what’s the secret to growing your decorating business like a boss? Well, you’re about to find out! In this blog post, we’ll share some insider tips and strategies that will take your decorating business to the next level. From marketing techniques to client management, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and unlock the secret to success!

Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations

The power of community in growing your decorating business

Building a strong network and fostering a sense of community can play a vital role in growing your decorating business. Creating connections with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and potential clients can not only expand your reach but also provide valuable support and opportunities for collaboration. Here are some ways in which the power of community can help you take your decorating business to new heights:
1. Networking Events and Trade Shows: Attending industry-specific events and trade shows like the National Painting & Decorating Show in Coventry can provide you with the opportunity to meet and connect with fellow decorators, suppliers, and potential clients. These events often include educational seminars, panel discussions, and networking sessions, allowing you to learn from experts and exchange ideas with others in the field.
2. Joining Professional Associations: Becoming a member of professional associations or organisations like the Painting and Decorating Association (PDA) that are related to interior design and decorating allows you to tap into a community of professionals who share similar interests and goals. These associations often offer networking events, educational resources, and certification programs that can enhance your credibility and visibility in the industry.
3. Collaborating with Other Professionals: Building relationships with professionals from complementary fields, such as architects, builders, developers, interior designers and estate agents, can open doors to new business opportunities and referrals. By collaborating on projects or referring clients to one another, you can create a mutually beneficial network that expands your reach and strengthens your reputation.
4. Online Communities and Social Media: Participating in online communities, forums, and social media groups specific to decorating and interior design can provide a platform to connect with fellow professionals, share ideas, and seek advice. Engaging with these communities can help you stay updated on industry trends, showcase your work, and attract potential clients who are actively seeking decorating services.
Remember, growing your decorating business is not just about the services you provide but also about building relationships and nurturing a sense of community in your industry. By tapping into the power of community, you can elevate your business and position yourself as a respected and sought-after decorator.

Let your unique style shine

In the highly competitive world of decorating businesses, it’s crucial to find ways to stand out from the crowd and let your unique style shine. Clients are constantly on the lookout for decorators who can bring something special and distinct to their spaces. Here are some tips on how to showcase your unique style and make a lasting impression:
1. Develop Your Signature Style: Take the time to explore different design styles and techniques to discover what resonates with you the most. Experiment with various colour palettes, textures, and patterns to create a cohesive and distinctive aesthetic that reflects your personality and design philosophy. This signature style will set you apart from other decorators and attract clients who appreciate your creativity. Maybe venetian plaster is more your style, or resin worktops, or maybe you focus on luxury new builds or wallpapering.
2. Showcase Your Portfolio: Create a visually appealing and well-curated portfolio that highlights your best work. Include high-quality photographs of completed projects that showcase your unique style and attention to detail. Clients want to see your previous work to get a sense of your design abilities and determine if your style aligns with their vision.
4. Stay Up-to-Date with Design Trends: While it’s important to have a unique style, it’s also essential to stay current with the latest design trends. Clients often appreciate decorators who can seamlessly blend timeless and contemporary elements to create fresh and current designs. Keeping up with trends shows that you are knowledgeable and adaptable, which can reassure clients that you can provide modern and relevant design solutions.
5. Embrace Collaborations: Partnering with local artists, craftsmen, or other professionals in related fields can add an extra layer of uniqueness to your projects. Collaborations allow you to incorporate custom-made or handcrafted elements into your designs, further setting them apart from mass-produced items. Plus, collaborating with other creatives can spark new ideas and expand your network, opening doors to exciting opportunities.
6. Be Confident in Your Style: Confidence is key when showcasing your unique style. Believe in your creative vision and approach, and convey this confidence to your clients. When you exude confidence in your work, clients will trust your expertise and be more willing to embrace your unique style. Remember, authenticity and passion are contagious, and they will attract clients who appreciate and value your individuality.
By letting your unique style shine, you can differentiate yourself in the decorating industry and establish a strong brand identity. Embrace your creativity, showcase your best work, and confidently present your distinct aesthetic to attract clients who are seeking a one-of-a-kind design experience.

Get your business on social media!


Social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses, including decorating businesses, to connect with their target audience and grow their brand. If you want to take your decorating business to new heights, it’s essential to get your business on social media. Here are some reasons why:
1. Increased Visibility: Social media platforms like Instagram, threads, and Facebook have millions of active users who are potential customers for your decorating business. By establishing a presence on these platforms, you can increase your brand’s visibility and reach a wider audience.
2. Showcase Your Work: Social media provides the perfect platform to showcase your decorating projects and show potential clients what you can do. You can share high-quality images of your completed projects, before-and-after transformations, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work process. This visual representation of your work can attract attention, generate interest, and help you stand out from your competitors.
3. Engage with Your Audience: Social media allows you to engage directly with your audience, build relationships, and foster a sense of community around your brand. You can respond to comments, answer questions, and provide valuable insights and inspiration. Engaging with your audience humanises your brand and creates a connection that can lead to long-term customer loyalty.
4. Build Trust and Credibility: By regularly sharing your expertise, tips, and insights on social media, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in the decorating industry. Consistent and valuable content builds trust with your audience and positions you as a credible source of information. This trust and credibility can translate into more inquiries, referrals, and ultimately, more business.
5. Targeted Advertising: Social media platforms offer advanced targeting options that allow you to reach your ideal clients with precision. You can create targeted ad campaigns based on demographics, interests, and behaviours to ensure that your message reaches the right people. This can result in higher engagement, increased website traffic, and ultimately, more conversions and sales.
6. Stay Updated with Industry Trends: Social media is not just a platform for self-promotion; it’s also a valuable source of industry insights and trends. By following other decorators, industry influencers, and relevant hashtags, you can stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in the decorating industry. This knowledge can help you stay ahead of the competition and offer fresh and relevant ideas to your clients.
Getting your decorating business on social media is not only about building an online presence but also about leveraging the power of social media to grow your brand and reach your business goals. Embrace the opportunities offered by social media platforms to showcase your work, engage with your audience, and establish yourself as a leader in the decorating industry. With a strategic and consistent social media presence, you can take your decorating business to new heights and attract more clients than ever before.
grow a business organically

Your local community is your biggest cheerleader

Building a strong community is essential for the success and growth of your decorating business. Your community consists of your loyal customers, local businesses, industry colleagues, and even your friends and family. These are the people who will cheer you on, support your business, and recommend you to others. Here’s why your community is your biggest cheerleader:
1. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: Your community is likely to be your biggest source of word-of-mouth recommendations. When people in your community have a positive experience with your decorating services, they are more likely to talk about it with their friends, family, and colleagues. This can lead to valuable referrals and new customers for your business.
2. Trust and Credibility: Building a strong community helps establish trust and credibility for your decorating business. When people see that others in their community trust and recommend your services, they are more likely to trust you as well. This trust can make potential customers more comfortable hiring you and can contribute to the success of your business.
3. Support and Encouragement: Your community can provide valuable support and encouragement during both the highs and lows of running a decorating business. They can be a source of motivation, inspiration, and advice. Whether it’s celebrating your achievements or providing a listening ear during challenging times, your community can be your biggest cheerleaders.
4. Collaborative Opportunities: Your community can also present collaborative opportunities that can benefit your decorating business. This can include partnering with local businesses for cross-promotions, participating in community events and projects, or collaborating with industry colleagues on joint ventures. By working together with your community, you can expand your reach and tap into new opportunities.
5. Feedback and Insights: Your community can provide valuable feedback and insights that can help you improve and grow your decorating business. By listening to their opinions and suggestions, you can gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences. This feedback can guide your decision-making process and inform your business strategy.
6. Emotional Connection: Building a strong community creates an emotional connection between your business and your customers. When people feel a sense of belonging and connection to your brand, they are more likely to become loyal customers and advocates for your business. This emotional connection can foster long-term relationships and customer loyalty.
Investing time and effort into building and nurturing your community can have a significant impact on the success and growth of your decorating business. Your community is your biggest cheerleader, and by cultivating these relationships, you can create a supportive network that will help you reach your business goals.


Let’s wrap this up, shall we?

In conclusion, building a strong community is essential for the success and growth of your decorating business. Your community, consisting of loyal customers, local businesses, industry colleagues, and even friends and family, can be your biggest cheerleaders. They can provide word-of-mouth recommendations, establishing trust and credibility for your business. Your community can also offer valuable support, encouragement, and collaborative opportunities.
Additionally, your community can provide feedback and insights to help you improve and grow your business. By listening to their opinions and suggestions, you can better understand their needs and preferences, guiding your decision-making process. Building a strong emotional connection with your community can foster long-term relationships and customer loyalty, further contributing to the success of your business.
As you wrap up your journey to grow your decorating business, remember the importance of nurturing and investing in your community. By cultivating these relationships and utilising the support and resources within your community, you can reach your business goals and continue to thrive in the industry. So go out there and build that strong community, because your community truly is your biggest cheerleader.



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