One of the most recommended training platfroms for decorators

One of the most recommended training platfroms for decorators

We have the solution to building a successful business that allows you to grow your business. We don’t just say WHY or WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it.

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The best place for decorators to learn how to grow their businesses

The Decorators Growth Club has been created by trainers from the decoratoring trade and marketing professionals to help bring education to decorators, who need to maintain and even grow their businesses through the unrocky future landscape ahead.

The Decorators Growth Club has been successfully training decorators since 2020, helping them overcome and continue to trade during the pandemic. Now past, we’re turning our attention to the future to help trades people maintain their business through the cost of living crisis.

What you get!


Live interactive videos, pre-recording content, podcasts and blogs all designed for trades and delivered through our Facebook Groups.


Learn from Industry leaders via online workshops on subjects like outsourcing, social media, mindset, pricing, employing staff, and more!

Supportive Groups

Be a part of our amazingly helpful community of decorators who are on the same journey. Be part of The Decorator Growth Club or The Growth Club for Pro Members.


Access a range of highly useful downloads from the Facebook group, to help you map out where your business is and what areas you can quickly grow to return more revenue.

Additional Experts

Learn additional business skills and solutions from other professionals via our Facebook groups. Such as insurance providers, business coach's, PR experts and many more.

Exclusive Resources

As a member of the Pro Members group, you get access to some of the most powerful training material that's quick and easy to implement as part of your month cost. Normally costing £000's.

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