What to Post on Social Media When You’re Stuck for Ideas 

What to post on social media when you're stuck for ideas

A day in the life of a painter and decorator 

A great idea for a post is to write about a day in the life of a painter and decorator. For this all you would need is to take a picture of where you’re going to be working today and then go on to write in the description box (to your followers) what projects you are working on. Be a storyteller with a beginning, middle and end to really grip the reader, write about your morning (where you are) and in the afternoon. So, for example you might say “I’m working on site updating kitchen units with my airless sprayer. I’ll be here all morning then in the afternoon I’m off to quote for another job at so and so…”. 

Also produce before and after photos and close ups of the tools you have used as this is a great way of showcasing your work. This is a great way to bring awareness to your brand as you’re interacting with potential customers. 


Sneak Peeks 

A sneak peek is an opportunity to see something before it is officially availableSo, a post with a photo of the corner of some painting work on a window, door, wall, kitchen cabinet, basically a closeup of any decorating work. This is great for generating interest and engagement especially if you ask customers to guess what it is a photo of (make the closeup very close up). You could decide to do a closeup of a door, window frame, kitchen cabinet, skirting boards or architraves etc. 


Time Lapse Video 

A Time lapse is something that refers to a shot that follows a transition in time, like an entire sunset in a matter of seconds, or the flowering of a plant in under a minute. This is great for piquing curiosity, telling a great story, and being immersive. All good for brand engagement and building your brand as a quality painter and decorator. 

A great example of this would be projects that they are working on e.g. spray-painting kitchen units on-site (ask customer for permission), spray painting walls and ceilings etc. 

Top tip: Don’t forget to plug your phone into the charger and put your phone on a tripod for good camera viewing. 



A quote is to repeat the words that someone else has said or written. A quote can range from something inspiring to describing how you’re feeling. They’re very diverse. To post a quote on social media, use Canva to put text over a photo of work you have done with the quote in the text of the post too.  

This is simple and easy to do and can be done at the weekend as it doesn’t take much time. To grab your reader’s attention, you could write about something that has meaning. For example, loving your home or about the enjoyment of your job, so something about creativity. 



Another way to increase brand awareness is using testimonials to help populate your business website. What is a testimonial though? Well, testimonials are written (or voice recorded) statements that help boost your credibility and brand loyalty. They also help strengthen your reputation when someone expresses the amount of trust that they have in you and your business and prove your business is a legitimate one. 

There are three great ways someone could express their satisfaction from your business via testimonialsThe first being a video testimonial: Video testimonials can’t be faked, and video content is highly engaging. The average user spends 88% of their time on a website that has video content, as to one without. The second being text or quote testimonials: These are the most common examples of testimonials in advertising. These are simple to get and very cost-effective. Lastly are success story testimonials: Everyone likes a good happy ending, or in this case, a success story from a project that’s been completed. They help describe the story of how your painting project helped the user. These should say how a customer is very happy with the final results and would recommend using your business. 


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