Using Facebook Ads to Get People in Your Sales Funnel 

Using Facebook Ads to Get People in Your Sales Funnel

Online marketing comes with loads of benefits and one of them is the ability to get people into your sales funnels without stress. 

In today’s world, a lot can go wrong when relying on word of mouth to create an opportunity to sell. Sadly, most trade professionals like decorators, painters, and plumbers rely on word of mouth.  

Getting customers is easier with Facebook. Once they like your Facebook page, you can be in touch for as long as you want. Facebook ads can function as marketing support or business support for decorators. It can also improve sales and marketing for decorators. 

In this article, we are going to use Facebook ads to get people into your sales funnel. 

Why Do You Need a Facebook Ad 

The amount of conversion you get is dependent on the effectiveness of your manner of approach. If you are using Facebook ads, you can target a group based on what they need, and that’s not all. Many people do not know this, but Facebook allows people to like your page. That way, they can see everything you post on your Facebook page. 

With a Facebook Ad, you can achieve all the stages in a sales funnel more efficiently than many other methods. A sales funnel usually moves from awareness, conversion, quote, confirmation, to sales. The truth is most people are likely to buy from you if there is a relationship between you and them and Facebook allows you to re-target the same audience over time and as a result of this building some sort of relationship with them. 

Facebook Ads follows up a potential customer and you can do all of this from your mobile phone. 

Over 94 percent of Facebook ad revenue is from mobile devices and in 2019 alone, Facebook ad impressions increased by 37 percent.  

From raising brand awareness, to conversion, and generating quotes, this method allows your customers to gain trust with you and want to do business with you. It is one way to double sales and marketing for decoratorsIt is more effective than relying on word of mouth which is usually too slow and may not build a strong relationship. When you rely on word of mouth, you are exposing your business to a lot of risks. 

First, you can’t take back whatever you have said neither can you correct what has been said without sounding ridiculous to potential clients. Why not go for Facebook Ads which can increase sales without exposing your business to riskLet us show you how to set up a Facebook ad. 

How to Set up a Facebook Ad 

Running a Facebook ad begins with setting up a Facebook advertising account via You can add a Facebook pixel to your account to open the door for additional targeting and monitoring. After setting up your account, you can now download the Facebook Ad app on your mobile or PC 

You can now create a Facebook ad. You can create a sample ad to see what a normal Facebook Ad looks like. If you are using a mobile device, press ‘pages likes’. However, if you are using a desktop, you must press ‘engagement’ then ‘pages likes’. 

Next, you need to find the right image. You may want to use a photo that has gained likes before. The image should also capture what you do and what your clients stand to gain. Then you can add text to the image, and select a target audience that fits your service. Finally, you need to budget for the cost of the ad. You may start with £5/£10 per day. Enable a time frame so that the ad can stop automatically. You should be aiming for between £0.50 – £1.20 per page. 


Anyone can make use of Facebook ads to grow their business and make more sales. The type of service you provide is not the issue here, as long as you know how to run a Facebook ad. Start creating your ads today and make more than what you have ever made in no time. 


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