Facebook Marketing in 2021 

Facebook Marketing In 2021

Most people in the trade sector are yet to tap from the opportunities that abound on the internet. Many plumbers, decorators, painters, are making fewer sales because they do not market their services online. In this article, we are going to be looking at how Facebook can improve sales and marketing for decorators. Also, we will discuss Facebook marketing as providing crucial business support for decorators, painters, and many other businesses. 

Who Needs Facebook Marketing  

According to Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO of VaynerMedia, you can’t be into marketing or trying to build a social brand without Facebook. With over 1.5 billion active users daily, Facebook is the real deal for businesses to reach their audience. Is Vaynerchuck saying that this type of marketing is only for businesses? Not exactly. The CEO is only interested in how essential Facebook marketing is to anyone who wants to sell their product or service.  

The truth is, a lot of people know that telling someone to try Facebook marketing is not new marketing advice. It is only unpopular among some businesses who believe their services should not be advertised on the internet. Sadly, this is why many of those businesses get fewer leads than they anticipate. Anyone in the trade sector, such as a painter, plumber, decorator, carpenter, etc, can also market their services on Facebook. For instance, a Facebook page will provide marketing support for decorators and that’s not all. It will provide a substantial amount of business support for decorators. 

What Is a Facebook Page in Facebook Marketing 

A Facebook page is one of the surest platforms to market your product or service to a target audience. All you need is to get your audience to like the Facebook page. The page is similar to a normal Facebook profile but it contains information that is applicable to businesses, organizations, or brands. The page allows other users to like the business, brand, or organization. A Facebook page is created differently. Facebook will shut down any personal profile that is used for a business page. 

Facebook Marketing Past and Present 

Facebook marketing is not just about advertising a product. Facebook marketers create content that are helpful and relatable to your audience. Your audience will receive content updates from the page, and you’ll be able to send and track adverts, increase brand awareness, gather information about your audience, and chat with them. 

You can achieve all these using either a mobile device or PC, but we expect this to change as Apple has limited the ability for apps to track user information and forward that information to Facebook. The new development will not reduce the number of ads you will see on Facebook, but it will increase the number of irrelevant ads we receive. Facebook advertisers will struggle to adapt and find their target audience. However, if you can adapt, you’ll definitely be ahead of your competitors. 

Facebook Marketing Trends in 2021  

As we expect a lot of change in Facebook Marketing this year, there is a need to step up your game for the future. Here some Facebook marketing trends to try in 2021. 

  1. Video Content

Video content is fast increasing on Facebook. A lot of Facebook users are creating video content for fun. Marketing on Facebook has always been limited to image and text, but it’s time to step up. For instance, a decorator that creates video content about their service, or content of them delivering the service, will have more engagement than one that sticks to image and text. Video content will increase both sales and marketing presence for decorators. 

  1. Use Facebook Attribution Tool

This tool allows customers journey’s to be tracked. Marketers will be able to understand their customers as well as the type of advert that works for them. The Facebook Attribution tool provides you with business support. In 2021, this tool is going to be more important as Facebook ad price is fast increasing.  

  1. Newsfeed Ad

Newsfeed Ad currently has an average click-through rate of 1.82 percent. This is higher than many other Facebook ads. 

Ads like this boost business support for decorators by raising brand awareness. Your audience will get your ads on their timeline. 


People in the trade sector need to upgrade on how they market their services. In this article, we have dropped some marketing advice, and we believe it effective. You too can double the number of leads you get, but first, you must reach out to a larger community and Facebook has you covered. 


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