What to Do When You Don’t Have Time for Online Marketing 

You might be tired when you’ve been out all day on-site painting and decorating, but for a business to thrive, you still need to make time to do marketing online. According to a Yell.com survey 91% of painters & decorators in the UK miss out on business due to a poor online presence. Having an online presence helps generate new leads, this is because 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses.  

You can identify your target audience and send out email newsletters. Not only that, but having a good online presence helps grow your business because it makes it easier for customers to find you and makes it easier to show your products and the services you offer. Having a presence on social media channels can give you a competitive edge. Think about it, today if someone is interested in buying something or hiring someone one of the first things they usually do is go online to look for more information about that person or business. 

Take lots of photos when you’re working 

When you’re out on site you may be quite busy getting all your painting projects completed on time but get into the habit of taking photos before, during and after (with permission of course) of your work. Use your mobile phone, you don’t need anything fancy in terms of a camera or other equipment. Take a few shots so you can choose the best ones for social media. 

Once it becomes a habit it won’t be too burdening to do. These photos will make great content for your Facebook Business Page. Take the time to enter a social media post about how your day went, such as, today “I was at xx completing a project for a client which I completed in no time thanks to the airless sprayer.” Taking photos also gives you another chance to show off the high quality of your work. 

Plan out content 

If you have a busy few weeks coming up, plan your content around what you’ve got to do. This gives you a chance to show the services you offer and the work you’ve done when completed. It shows that your business is still operating, how many of us think a business is closed down because the last time they posted online was 2 years ago? It also shows that you are proactive when it comes to communication. 

Schedule content 

Scheduling content in advance takes a big burden off your shoulders. You can free up time for other responsibilities rather than worrying about logging onto social media and trying to come up with a great post on the spot. Scheudling in advance lets you focus on invoicing customers, sending quotes to customer for decorating jobs, following up with after care, ordering tools and paint, and so on. 

By scheduling in advance you will save time, you’re reaching an audience at peak times (even when you’re not around) and it shows brand consistency. 

Join local Facebook groups 

Facebook groups all have one common purpose: to bring together those with common interest. By joining a group that is made up of people who are your target customer, you’re providing yourself with multiple opportunities to improve brand awareness. Usually people ask a lot of questions in a Facebook group. Be active and not only post but reply to posts if someone needs advice on a certain project, which shows your level of expertise or even mention your own products and services that you have to offer. 


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