Maximizing Sales by Picking up the Phone 

pick up the phone

A lot of business deals have been abandoned because the seller who should have called didn’t. Most times, we tend to assume that customers will phone us if they need our service. The truth is they won’t, they rarely do. They will go with the person who appears to be more interested in handling the contract.  

As a professional in the trade sector, you need to understand the need to call potential customers. Don’t wait for them to call, you can call someone after you have chatted with them on social media. I get that this can be very awkward since you don’t know these individuals well, but if you’ve spoken to them before via social media it should be low-stress. 

Our marketing advice will focus mainly on painters and decorators. And we hope that other individuals that work in the trade sector can learn a thing or two. 

Why Is Making a Phone Call Important to You? 

In this session, we are going to be discussing how to maximize sales by picking up the phone. Do you know that phone calls can serve as marketing support for a decorator? Let’s see what I mean. 

Many people are offering the same services as you are, so you need to do more than telling someone what you do. Usually, people in the trade sector put forward quotes for a contract. It means that you are not the only one that wants the job. Picking up the phone is the simpler option to not having enough sales leads and no businesses coming in. A phone call provides business support for decorators, painters, etc. 

Calling a potential client is one of the ways to show you are serious about your quote. However, you need to be careful about how, and when you call. An effective sales call will deliver personalised marketing support for decorators, plumbers, painters, etc. It is you selling your brand in a more personal time. 

What Stops You From Calling? 

So many of us are quick to say that calling someone we don’t know is tantamount to disturbing their peace. But that’s one of the biggest lies we’ve all been told. 

Every marketer understands what a simple phone call can do. The truth is, not every sales call disturbs the prospect. Some of these calls are harmless, and straight to the point. Remember, how a friend convinces you to attend a party over the phone. That’s exactly how some sales calls are. It is normal to be afraid that a potential customer will not respond well to your call. Especially as there are many cases of scam calls in the world today. 

Here’s how to deal with such a situation: 

  • Explain what is perhaps not clear enough, and always talk about your brand. Drop a phone number they can contact for more information. 

You may even request to call them politely. Most people that are interested in your services would grant your request. The goal is to make them comfortable before you place the call. However, you may still call them without asking. You only have to rehearse the right thing to say.  


Other things you can do include: 

  1. Display Your Phone Number Everywhere

You probably think this will make potential customers call you, but we think this will make them remember the number when you call. Over 92 percent of customer interaction takes place on the phone. This strategy will boost sales and marketing for decorators. 

Numbers are easy to remember, especially when they are associated with a particular brand. So putting up your number everywhere is one way to avoid looking like a stranger when you call. 

  1. Give Incentives To Anyone Who Takes Your Call

You don’t have to pay for marketing advice to raise sales. Sometimes all you need is to offer incentives to your customers. You don’t have to give much. Anything that can motivate them to gladly take your call is good enough. 

  1. 3. Go Straight To The Point

Don’t take all the time in the world. Go straight to why you are calling and why they should trust you. 


If big businesses can make more sales by calling potential customers you can too. Being a plumber, painter or decorator does not stop you from marketing your services on the internet. 

One phone call can change your story forever. You can start now and thank us later.  


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