How to Make Your Website Convert More Customers 

How To Make Your Website Convert More Customers

As commercial activities continue shifting into the digital world, websites have become more useful in sales and marketing for most businesses. Most financial operations of businesses can now be comfortably done online without any hassle. 

Business websites can be built with many goals in mind. One such goal is to enhance brand awareness by driving high traffic to your business. However, the ultimate goal is not just the traffic, but to be able to convert the visitors to customers. 

How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate 

On average, websites convert only about 2% of their visitors to active customers. That means that only 2 out of every 100 visitors to your business website are expected to make purchases. Many websites have as low as 0.1%, and that means they must have up to 1000 visits for a chance of converting one person. 

Many factors combine to determine whether a visitor stays or returns to your website or never comes back. People only make purchases from websites they feel they can verify and trust. Therefore, it is important to consider the necessary steps to take to improve your website’s conversion rate. 

  1. User-Friendly Design

The interface of your website is the first thing your visitors interact with when they click your link. If your UI (user interface) design is poor or unattractive, users may not find the website interesting. As such, they may bounce back immediately even before they ever discover the functionalities of the website. 

 Google, Facebook, and other sales promoting platforms do not promote sites with high bounce rate. An increase in bounce rate is an indication that users do not find your website interesting. In truth, it may not even be about content quality, but about how the content is presented via design. Work on to implementing a UI that’s interactive enough. It does not have to be complex or too fancy. Something simple, self-directing, and classy are good to go. 

  1. EasetoNavigate 

Users will most likely not have enough patience with your site if they find it difficult to locate what they are looking for. For example, if your payment system is not visible, the stress of looking for it may put off a potential client. Your website layout should make navigation easy for your customers. Consider the placement of objects on different screen sizes. The most important elements should be placed in places where they can easily be accessed by users. 

  1. Effective Search Function

Most internet users have a very short attention span. As such, they just want to come to get exactly what they want and move on to other things. To help them to locate things faster on your website, integrate a search facility. 

You can enable search by more concise criteria or category so users can get results tailored more specifically to their search. That way, it’s easier for a customer to find a product and pay for it as fast as possible. 

  1. Call To Action

At different points of their interaction with your website, ensure you present users with suitable Call-To-Action links. CTA encourages a user to take necessary actions immediately. CTA such as Order Now, Download, Get Discount, etc., should be placed at strategic places all around your website. 

  1. Data Analytics

Data analytics gives you useful information about the marketing performance of your business website. It is a tool for measuring traffic and the user interaction rate of your website. With data analytics, you can analyse the activity statistics of your website and tweak your marketing for better output. There are many data analytics tools you can use to monitor and analyse your website traffic. Examples include Google Analytics, Google Console, and Facebook Console. If you maximise these tools, your marketing is bound to be more data-informed and will yield better results. 


Your website is like the central hub of your online presence. Not only does it help improve your brand awareness, but it is also a platform for business transactions. It only makes sense that you put in all possible efforts to ensure that your website’s conversion rate is improved. 


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