How to Grow Your Instagram Following For Free & Without Ads


How to Grow Instagram Followers organically For Free & Without Ads

Want to learn how to grow instagram followers organically for free, but not sure how? With a few clever tips and tactics, it’s possible to boost your profile organically so you can reach more people and build an audience without spending a dime. Learn how to do just that with this guide on growing Instagram followers organically for free.

Optimise Your Profile and Content for Search ability

Once you have an engaging content strategy in place, make sure to maximise your reach by ensuring the profile itself is optimised for search. Use relevant keywords in your bio and fill out profile fields with targeted terms. Additionally, use hashtags liberally on posts (no more than 6-8), but ensure they’re accurate and capitalise on trending topics when you can to broaden your reach as well.

Beyond optimising your profile for SEO, take advantage of Instagram’s image tagging capabilities and use related tags to help draw even more viewers. If you are joining a community hashtag challenge or are taking part in discussion threads, make sure to specifically call out and tag other participants in the comments–offering valuable engagement and extending your reach beyond just your own follower list. Use hashtags that relevant users follow and search terms they’re likely to use too.

Research Hashtags and Use Them Strategically

How to Grow Instagram Followers organically For Free using hashtags

One of the best ways to how to grow instagram followers organically for free is to use hashtags strategically. Research what hashtags are popular in your niche, taking care to explore both generic and specific tags. Additionally, use the Suggested Tags tab on Instagram to find related and additional hashtags you may want to include in your posts. Make sure you’re using these tags wisely – don’t spam them, as this could be a turn-off for followers.

As you’re researching hashtags and becoming familiar with them, take note of when the most popular ones tend to become active. For example, let’s say #MondayMotivation is one of your go-to hashtags. Timing is important – posting your content on a Monday, when #MondayMotivation tends to see more activity, will help put you in front of more followers and potential customers who are using this hashtag. Also, consider making use of trending topics if appropriate for your audience. By being smart about how you’re using hashtags, you can organically increase engagement and reach on Instagram.

Post Regularly & Consistently

Quality posts are still important, but so is consistency. As decorators, we will most likely post around 3-4 times a week but you could try posting at least once a day. You could consider splitting content into 2-3 posts per day to appear more frequently in people’s feeds but this takes a lot of work and is hard to maintain. Additionally, make sure you’re posting at optimal times for your location—check out research around when people are most active on Instagram in your area to maximise engagement and followers.

Learning How to Grow Instagram Followers organically For Free is the easy part! If we could instil just one thing reading this blog it’s consistency.. You need to keep going, especially when you are busy, partly because thats when you have the most content but also because you need the enquiries for when you are quiet.

Finally, use an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to ensure all those carefully crafted posts go out at the right time – even if you don’t have much time available.

Posting regularly and consistently encourages engagement and followers by showing that you’re an active user and don’t take gaps in posting. Plus, when you post more content, your visitors are kept up to date with the latest going-ons of your brand—this builds trust and loyalty from your followers and can help grow your community. Additionally, having a predictable schedule makes it easier for people to anticipate what you’ll be posting next, boosting anticipation among existing fans as well as inspiring newcomers to follow along.

Quality Content is Key

How to Grow Instagram Followers organically For Free with quality content

Quality, engaging content should always be the focus of your Instagram strategy. Don’t just post for the sake of it; ensure it’s interesting and visually appealing to keep your target audience engaged. Try to use interesting images, quotes, inspirational stories and even helpful industry tips to create a unique branded identity that resonates with your followers.

When it comes to content, ask yourself some important questions. Will this post create a conversation? Are there any calls to action, questions or polls? And is the content that you’re posting relevant to your target audience? Spend time creating and refining content ideas with these elements in mind so that you can capture interest and engage with your followers as this is a really good way to understand How to Grow Instagram Followers organically For Free.
The biggest thing to remember is to reply to any comments and ask another question if it fits in line with the comment as this will improve the engagement and the algorithm. 

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