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Non members - 90 minutes
Growth Club members - 90 minutes

1. How To Market Effectively Across Social Media​

Understanding how to market across Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin effectively to gain brand awareness and new leads.

Non members - 12 minutes
Growth Club members - 75 minutes

2. Optimising Facebook So Your Prospects Can Find You​

Making key changes to your personal and business page to increase the chance of being found when people search for your services.

Non members - 27 minutes
Growth Club members - 82 minutes

3. Knowing Your Target Audience On Facebook​

Before roaming around endlessly in the social media world, it’s important to know who is it that you should be targeting and where they hang out. 

Non members - 18 minutes
Growth Club members - 80 minutes

4. Using Facebook Groups To Gain Business

Facebook groups are really underrated when finding new customers. When used correctly not only will it allow you to find people within your local area but also people that can be influenced to recommend.

Non members - 26 minutes
Growth Club members - 98 minutes

5. Setting Up A Facebook Ad To Gain Page Likes

Facebook ads are the most powerful way of disturbing your ideal audience and getting them to take action. When done right they can be done cost effectively that helps to grow your business.

Non members - 20 minutes
Growth Club members - 73 minutes

6. How To Take Photos And Edit Them On Your Phone​​

Photos are a quick way to gain attention and showcase your work, who you are, and what you can do. With a mobile phone, you now have the ability to take, edit and post within minutes.

Non members - 24 minutes
Growth Club members - 88 minutes

7. Creating branded content using Canva

You’ve spent the time building it, now make sure everyone knows that it’s yours. Branding has been used for centuries due to its ability to help companies and brands distinguish themselves.

Non members - 24 minutes
Growth Club members - 99 minutes

8. How to create videos using your mobile phone

Never underestimate the power of video whether that’s you being on camera or just a simple walk-around of the project you’ve just completed. Previously you would have spent £000’s, not it can be achieved on a £5 app.

Non members - 25 minutes
Growth Club members - 93 minutes

9. Structuring Your Social Media Content ​

Creating your content is one thing, but do you remember to post it. Facebook has the ability to help you schedule both photos and video to automatically post later.

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